Sunday, December 31, 2006

JetBlue is my New Year's Eve destination party

I have taken a break from blogging and life has been one long, pleasant day of spending time with my immediate family. We've been cooking incredible meals (all four of us pitching in), laughing and telling stories, staying up late having great chats, sitting by the fireplace (a family first... we've never before had one), drinking wine, drinking coffee, going to Wilmington for tasty grilled fish sandwiches, walking along the river, walking on the gorgeous beach nearby on the Atlantic Ocean, picking up shells and stones, having ice cream sodas at the local soda shop in Pittsboro, checking out the local arts shops and thrift stores, wandering around UNC at Chapel Hill. I got a great haircut at the Aveda Institute on the main drag in Chapel Hill from this sweet young woman who lives with her sister -- a junior at UNC -- and two brother kittens. She sang along to the radio as she cut my hair. We even attended a John Edwards rally. My mom has discovered a love of sushi. We're all having a great time even if I never got to see a deer in the neighborhood.

Right now, I'm writing thank you notes, writing up an interview I had with a prospective Bryn Mawr student, finishing up knitting projects and playing an intricate game of "How Can I Bring All of This Back to NYC?" I'm heading back this evening to Brooklyn and I'm sad to say goodbye to my family, especially since my brother is staying until the second week of January. Yet, I have so much to look forward to this coming week. Tomorrow, I'm going to a party in the neighborhood then dinner w/ RJK et al. Tuesday, Sprout is moving into the apartment and I am making dinner for her, her parents, RiRi and whoever happens to be in the apartment. Wednesday, I'm going to a play at MTC with the Swan. Thursday and Friday, I have no immediate plans, but I am sure Sprout and I will be cleaning and reorganizing the apartment. I'm sure there will be a trip or two to Target. Saturday, we are celebrating epiphany and RJK's birthday. I have to make time for sleeping and writing. Oh, and returning to work. That too.

I should get back to packing, but I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve. Let's hope 2007 is a hurricane-free year and certainly full of more joy and more prosperity than 2006. I hope it's another year of good health and happiness. Best wishes to everyone.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

this just in

and now we have wireless?!?

life changes fast.

the new house is already becoming rather lived in. books on the shelves, photos in frames, a stack of newspapers for recycling, soap in every bathroom, a mantle lined completely with Christmas cards, neighbors stopping by to chat, bird watching in the backyard.

I miss my friends, but I must admit that a holiday spent entirely at home with my family is pretty nice. The quiet is just what we all needed.

Friday, December 22, 2006

new home

there is so much to say about the new home and i don't know where to begin.

for the first time since June '05, a visit home means I get to sleep in a room by myself instead of sleeping in a 320 sq ft room (which mind you includes the bathroom + kitchen) with my parents and brother.

(admittedly, i'm not used to this anymore and i need a nightlight. yes, i'm more scared of being in the dark in North Carolina than in Brooklyn)

the kitchen is great. for the first time, we have an ice/water dispenser in the fridge door.

also, for the first time we have high speed internet instead of dial up. I'm still reveling in this.

i haven't seen any deer yet, but supposedly they frequent the neighborhood.

instead of nightly reports on katrina, we hear about the duke lacrosse players 24/7.

i miss The Times-Picayune and frankly the local papers kinda suck so my dad is getting the NYT every day.

Eastern time zone is cramping my whole "early to bed" habit when it comes to "going home." This is because Letterman (a family tradition) comes on an hour later out here. Lots of groggy faces in the AM.

I've finished two books since coming here and my dear work colleague sent me my New Yorker which arrived today so I guess I'll work on that.

No Christmas tree, but we have each other and that's enough. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Thank yous to everyone who has sent cards, written emails, etc. I have been a lousy correspondant over the past year and I hope that changes in 2007. Here's hoping.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Spirit of the Season

I'm in North Carolina, celebrating the holidays with my family in our new house so I don't get to go through my nightly ritual of the ten pm news on WWL, eagerly awaiting that night's Benny Grunch carol. This was all I could find from a cursory search on You Tube. Please prove me wrong and someone find the actual videos. Oddly enough, I heard this song on the radio from the airport today and can't not think about driving around New Orleans while listening to this song. We have a lot to be thankful for, but there's still so much that needs to be done in New Orleans. We should never forget. This particular montage is incredibly moving and has photographs I've never before seen.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Things to look forward to

In 2007, I'm looking forward to visiting New Haven in order to see a play, see my brother, see friends, and see this newly renovated Louis Kahn museum (photo from the New York Times)

I also want to go to San Francisco and see my friends there and if possible make my way up to Portland, Oregon to see my friend Emily. I feel like the West Coast is this place of possibility that I have never really explored. It's about time I do so.

My apartment is almost ridiculously clean. I am really excited about Sprout coming and it makes me want to keep it up even better than I usually do. The trash and recycling is out, the dishes are all in their place in the cabinets, floors are swept and surfaces nicely scrubbed down.

I have plenty of knitting to do and stacks upon stacks of books and magazines to read. I'll be in North Carolina soon, helping choose furniture, beds, dishes: you name it. New beginnings all over. I want to start tomorrow. I spent the weekend with a slew of best girl friends. Either in person or on the phone, that connection was crucial. It had been a hard week (nothing like leaving the office at 8 on Friday with no overtime) and I was ready to just have some time to myself. On my own and with the ladies. I also saw two old friends from graduate school who have been busy with writing. I need to get back to that as well. I want something to share over a pot of tea at Tea Lounge. I'm gaining momentum, trying to find a stride, and letting the world make sense of itself for a change.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I read about this earlier today and was just crushed reading about it. I can't believe that after all this time, the mother and two daughters have been found alive. It really gives you faith in something larger than our frailty. I really hope that it won't be long until the father is found.

Forget rebuilding the gulf coast...

...let's create lunar colonies!

What's next, dare I ask?