Sunday, July 15, 2007

dancing, running

Who knew there was contradancing in NYC? T and I went contradancing last weekend in Peterborough, NH and really enjoyed it. I was so inspired by the workout that I ran two miles, walked a mile and swam a mess of laps the following day. I really want to get some sound running shoes and start running. Maybe J, G and I can go out to Prospect Park and play some soccer. Even if it's just practicing. But yes, I also want to dance more. T and I need to do some research. And I need to scour the web for running shoe sales. There's a part of me that would also like to get a bike, but I don't trust the drivers around Brooklyn. I would have to walk my bike over to the park to feel safe and then there's the question of storage. With running, all I need are some shorts, a tank top and some shoes. I can make room for that.


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