Monday, June 06, 2005

wedding bell blues

I'm off to New Orleans for the wedding. Today I got my hire packet and realized I am eligible for 15 days of vacation, discounts on ipods, tuition reembursement and discounted movie tickets. Hot.

I also went to see Ashes and Snow today which was ok. I went with the Interior Design folks which made it a lot better than it would have been otherwise. Gifford supposedly cried here. Um, I think I was too busy being a critical snot. All the photography looked a lot like a hybrid of Anne Geddes' stuff. Not my thing.

However, the structure was incredible. I would love to see something else in a structure like that.

Too bad if you wanted to see it because it ended today.

I also went to see another exhibition that closed today. It was at the Neue Gallery. This photography collection was called "Portraits of an Age: Photography in Germany and Austria, 1900-1938." Go to the website to see photographs. I was drawn to the exhibition because I was familiar with the provocative photograph used as the advertisement. I got a poster of it while at a Seven Sisters conference at Vassar College in 2000. It would be hard to forget that weekend if I tried and I don't want to so while the poster is long gone, I remember that image. And the Shakespeare garden at Vassar. I got waitlisted and ultimately accepted at Vassar. Oddly enough, I was admitted without even so much as bothering to put myself on the waitlist. I'd gotten into better schools. So I wasn't all that interested. And this trip didn't blow me away. But I met great people.

Anyway, I digress. The photography was really lovely and I got to see lots of Klimts and Schieles. I wish they were keeping the photobooth in the lobby. I would have loved to go with a certain someone. Oh well, we have to go on a hunt for photobooths in the city. Anyone know of any?

I will maybe post dispatches from the wedding, but I may be too tired to do so. Expect stories later.


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