Wednesday, May 25, 2005


An email was sent out last week that employees at my hospital are required to follow certain dress codes. The most memorable banned items are transparent clothing (invisible capes?), designer jeans, and hats of any kind. I think the word designer should be up for debate, but they are not interested in the discussion so there has been a total smackdown. Pleated pants, white socks with dark shoes, and cinched items were strangely absent from the list. Now for the hats, why? I don't own any hats, but I adore them from afar. In the future, I think I will wear lots of hats and go to men's milliner's shops round the world. The last time I bought a hat was in Tokyo and the store was called New York Hat Company. Strange.

A date recently told me that he believes everyone should wear uniforms. I think we should be careful though about who gets the contract. I can see the logic though. If people didn't have to worry about their clothing, they could focus on adding color or style through other accessories like armbands, scarves, or hats. I have always been baffled about style, but know that adding spice to my wardrobe does not mean giant chili peppers patterned on black.

A friend, Nosi, was recently selected to be on What Not to Wear on TLC. Her close friends (I don't know them) all work at Nolita boutiques and submitted her case to the show. Nosi has forever hidden under a tangle of hair, her occasional pink lipstick barely visible through it. I have never seen the pink lipstick, but it supposedly exists. I don't think I necessarily disliked Nosi's wardrobe, but I definitely disliked her hair. I tried to talk her into a cut, but didn't know where she should go and didn't want to take the responsibility of a referral. TLC will now do that for me. They also will provide her with hotel accomodations, 5,000 dollars, and a team of experts. Much more effective than stealing her pink lipstick case and throwing it away.

So who is compliant? Who makes the rules? Do you want a uniform? Do you wear a uniform? What would be your required item?


Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Having spent 15 years in a uniform (go Catholic school!), I can testify to how easy it makes your life.

Nonetheless, I think uniforms at work could be a dangerous proposition.

Mine, however, would consist of Camper shoes (the most acceptable "sneakers" I own), jeans and a sweater. I would also want my company to require I get a haircut every 4 weeks and make that available to me as part of my benefits. I think that, along with a massage, would do wonders for my company loyalty.

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