Wednesday, May 25, 2005

not for me

today feels very strange. cinematic. i'm in a state of pause. in the meanwhile, life feels oddly like a scripted romantic comedy. i took a typing test today. i am wearing pantyhose and heels to work. a red turtleneck sweater over my blouse attempts to dull the edge of wearing a suit to work. it's raining today and my appointment was only 5 blocks away from my workplace, a prominent "women's" magazine.

Since when is anything within 5 blocks of something else in NYC?

OK, so a lot of things, but appointments and work? That is too easy.

Carly Simon's "Let the River Run" should be coursing through my mind after sitting in a large corner office at a very respected publishing house this morning. The office looked out onto Central Park. It was gorgeous.

But the weather is like soup. And instead, I have Harry Connick, Jr.'s version of "But Not for me" in my head. Why am I feeling all blue? The anticipation is over and now I'm just waiting for the decision. It's amazing how much energy we tap into in order to get through high pressure moments. Afterwards it's like coming down from a sugar high (you can tell I'm more of a sappy Meg Ryan than a fiesty Carrie Fisher).

i'm ready for the split screen scene where i am in my pajamas watching movies as is someone i love. wish i could fast-forward through this day.


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