Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Room

The move across the living room is complete. I am now living in a room with natural light. Yes, after living in a windowless room since September, I now live in a room with glorious natural light (which woke me up at 6 am; I'm not adjusted to sleeping with light anymore) and a lovely view.

I could use some iced coffee. My back is sore from doing laundry, moving the entire kitchen to accomidate an exterminator at 8:15 am yesterday and moving furniture out of my new room and all my furniture into it. Turns out the boxspring has been upside down for the entire time I've slept in it (I never took the time to notice) and I flipped the mattress so it's like having a brand new bed. The sofa fits in my room perfectly and will make for an excellent reading nook.

Everyone should visit.


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