Thursday, May 12, 2005

bridesmaid update 2

For those of you who are following the great countdown til Ms. NOLA dons the satin gown, here is an update.

A certain bridesmaid still hasn't paid for the dress or even bothered to get it altered. It's sitting in the storeroom at Pearl's Place. Dust is collecting on the cellophane. The bride is losing patience with this old friend. There's more drama involved, but bringing it to light would surely reveal the lady in question. Will there be dulcet melodies or shrill, blunt words? To be continued.

Also, the rehearsal dinner will be here. Again, like most chichi places in NOLA, I haven't been there. I'm more of an oyster po'boy gal than a Oysters Rockefeller mademoiselle. If I haven't been with my friend the restaurant critic, I haven't been. Feel free to check out the menus at Cafe Giovanni and Cuvee and tell me if you can come up with a menu I can eat and still fit in the aforementioned gown the following night.

Also, a question: if you are ordained (is this the right word?) as a Eucharistic Minister (this is a Catholic ceremony for the uninformed) in high school, are you always eligible for duties at communion? Or do you need to get this renewed like a driver's license? This came up as well in conversation with Kari last night.


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