Wednesday, May 11, 2005

what's wrong with America today

OK. There were many things I hated about teaching at a certain Quaker school in an unnamed city in Pennsylvania. But this epitomized a lot of what was wrong with teaching there.

We had to listen to "kidz" remixes of contemporary pop music. During afterschool freeplay outside on the asphalt covered black top, these prepubscent kids grinded like pole dancers to kids singing Avril Lavigne. It was disturbing to say the very least. My friend Shelley and I used to kid that we could make a ton of money if we pimped out these kids to Delilah's Den. There were definitely times we had to tell the kids they could no longer dance so provocatively. We were honestly worried about losing our jobs (our boss was a freakish tyrant). One of the kid's did what we called the Asha shuffle which consisted of a full body shimmy. No lie. Ask me about the four-year-old riding the foam blocks in the playroom if you want to hear about weird sexual undercurrents.

At any rate, I was amused to see this today on stereogum. I can laugh now because I'm no longer forced to pretend it's anything more than what it is: something else totally wrong with this country.


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