Thursday, May 19, 2005

morale booster

Across the years, I've taken note of the employers who want to develop a sense of loyalty from their employees and those who really could care less. It comes down to morale. Does your company want to boost morale and make people feel good about working there, or are you supposed to feel blessed to enter the building and pray that you will make it through the day?

As many of you know, I've been freelancing this year. This means I work in many offices. I started a new gig yesterday. In the ladies room, I noticed a massive box full of pink plastic packs.

Tampons. Free tampons.

What better way to show your female employees you love them than to give them free tampons? I really think this should be manditory in all public restrooms. Other places where I've found free tampons? Dartmouth College and the Philadelphia International Airport.

Random, I know.

But this is so exciting. I knew I liked this place. Much better than one of my other former workplaces where I feel they deliberately installed bad lighting and "fat" mirrors so as to encourage their employees to feel bad about themselves and starve.

Where do you think your workplace falls in this spectrum of employee love/hate?


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