Saturday, June 04, 2005

the beginning of summer

This morning I got up early with a mission to do laundry and be finished by 11 am. I wanted to go to the gardens. For those of you who aren't aware, entry is free to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens if you get in before noon on Saturday. I strongly suggest you do so. The cherry blossoms are gone, but the roses are just coming into bloom and the peonies are incredible. I took a nice hour long walk through the gardens. There were lots of families with young kids, twentysomethings, older folks from Vermont on tour, Jesus freaks and respectable adults enjoying the gardens.

Really everyone was just taking pleasure in living. Being able to walk and breathe easily. It's an incredible thing. Also, after the winter, this summer weather is divine. I couldn't believe I was wearing shorts and a tank top, but I was. The sun felt like a miracle. People smiled at each other and said hello. There's something to the smell of grassy lawns and fresh flowers.

After leaving, I walked up Eastern Parkway to Grand Army Plaza where I stopped to buy cornflowers at the Greenmarket for a friend's birthday. I got a mango drinkable yogurt and walked home.

I'd brought along my discman with "Aida," but the sound of birds and parents coaxing kids to stand still for the photo kept me from popping on my earphones. Clothes are hanging from any fixed item in my room and in the kitchen as well. Dar Williams fills my room with song and I'm waiting for the mailman to make it down the street. Will my "acceptance," I mean, "offer" letter be in the mail? Either way, summer is here. Drink it all in.


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