Saturday, January 14, 2006

did MLK jr intend for people to enjoy his holiday in such a fashion?

So going to see 'Match Point' this afternoon, made me come home, make dinner and watch 'Love Story.'

I started crying within 5 seconds of the film beginning.

Today was a weird day. I got yelled at and almost lost a hand thanks to the fact that no one told me it was "crazy person day" at the laundrymat. No microwaves today, but yes, crazy people did reign supreme. I was evidently taking the crazy woman's two washers. Did I get schooled for such behavior? Yes, I did.

Then the cranky lady who works there wouldn't give a man (very tall and wearing a big furry black hat with earflaps) change for a $5 and insisted that if he wanted a quarter he could put the entire bill in the change machine. I felt bad for him and gave him a quarter.

Evidently New York is a tough town. This man was so grateful and struck by my kindness that he kept thanking me and literally his face softened when I said, "You only need one? Do you need more?"

If only I could make everyone happy this way.

Then a cute guy in a tweed blazer and jeans came up to me and asked my name. He began to immediately engage me in conversation and asked if I would be free sometime. He also mentioned I should call him if I would like to do something.

OK. I will psychically dial you up. Clearly, that is a perk of "crazy person day" at the laundrymat. I said I was really busy and wanted to leave it at that. I felt bad - almost awkward - and a bit impressed that he could so boldly chat me up in a laundrymat that I didn't want to crush him by saying I had a boyfriend. So I let him babble. He asked where I was from to which I answered: "the south." He returned with, "Really? I'm from North Carolina! Where are you from?"

Answering "New Orleans" seems to be quite the conversation stopper these days. Can't imagine why.

So I tried to get through the "yeah, no one died, but we lost everything" speech as quickly as possible. I said, "Well, I'm a bit of a downer. Probably not what you expected."

Then he asked if I was really busy or just making something up. I told him I was honestly really busy with work and friends and a boyfriend writing a dissertation chapter.

You'd have thought I cheated on him when I said this.

"OH. A boyfriend. Well, you could have just said that instead of saying you were busy."

Hey --- I am busy with or without a boyfriend, buster, and who goes to the laundrymat in a blazer? I was in my Dartmouth baseball cap (masking the bed head hair), levis, cowboy boots and a black trainer jacket. Clearly, it was laundry day.

Also, total aside, why is it that no one ever checks me out when I actually look good. A pair of jeans that are probably too tight is clearly all it takes. That and the cowboy boots.

No, we all know it was the Dartmouth cap that started it all: the screaming, the lack of change and the relationship that will never be.


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