Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Baby it's cold outside

I'm back in New York after returning late Saturday night. I rang in the New Year on the 1 train somewhere between 96th Street and 103rd. I met up with Tim and kissed him at about 12:08 am. Some year I'll actually do the whole kiss at the stroke of midnight. Some year.

My flight was fine. My brother and I did some seat finagling so that we could sit together on the flight from NOLA to NYC. I watched almost three whole episodes of "Project Runway" which made the flight (and lack of cable in NOLA) entirely enjoyable.

Since I've been back, I've done a lot of sleeping. Tim and I went to RJ and Kathleen's on the evening of New Year's Day for a celebratory supper. Today I went to Brooklyn to collect mail and deposit most of my traveling trappings. I also imported some music from the destroyed home onto my itunes. Can't believe I have my Juliana Hatfield cds again and my rare Sleater-Kinney two song cd from their "One Beat" release.

It was chilly and rainy as I walked back to the subway station. I picked up groceries when I returned to Morningside Heights and made a dinner of black-eyed peas and a cabbage-ground turkey casserole with bread crumbs and onion. Mmmm. I have to say, I did a bang up job. Having the Camelia beans helped, but I must admit I seasoned everything just right which proves you can take the girl out of NOLA, but you can't take the NOLA out of the girl.

I am heading back to work tomorrow. It's cold and I would rather sleep in, but I'm looking forward to getting back to a routine. When does Spring arrive?


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