Saturday, December 24, 2005

Back in NOLA: 3

Today, I took a bite of the best tasting beignet I've ever eaten. Despite the fishy sewer smell of the slate sidewalk beneath our feet, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cafe du Monde. Sudha, Anne-Marie, Marguerite and Chris (Marguerite's husband) joined me in this culinary ritual. After powdered sugared treats, Marguerite, Chris, and Anne-Marie headed to St. Louis Cathedral for mass. I asked them to pray for Sudha and I's souls as Su and I headed into the Quarter with our cameras and our arms linked.

Walking around the Quarter with a treasured friend is something I feared I'd never have again. This was a wonderful Christmas present.

Our windows are trimmed with white lights and we can't wait for my brother to arrive tomorrow evening. Cornbread dressing, artichoke casserole, sweet potatoes with pecans and marshmellows, green beans and turkey with gravy are on the menu here in our French Quarter studio. We might head over to listen to the caroling at St. Louis.

Btw, today is the thirtieth anniversary of the date my parents met. Hurray to my incredible parents. I hope I can say the same someday with equal joy and passion.

Merry Christmas, y'all.


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