Sunday, December 04, 2005

a snowy day

Well, to be honest, it isn't snowing at all, but I woke up to a snow crusted Brooklyn. I even saw a red cardinal in the stark tree outside the window. One would think it is bitterly cold outside given that the sky looks pregnant with more snow. But it's actually not that bad. All the same, I bundled myself up and marched Tim out the apartment so that we could go out to the grocery for sandwich provisions and coffee at Gorilla.

I really want to go back outside and go tromping to the Park and to Target, but I should stay home and read for work. Boo. At least it is cozy inside. I like the coziness of winter, I must admit. I'm just not prepared for months of it. Thank God I'm going home soon!

Also, thank you everyone for being so supportive and thoughtful. For as callous as some folks are, I have friends who surpass the levels of empathy, cheer, and thoughtfulness that one would typically expect. It's that I should recognize, not the lack I find in others. Thank you again.


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