Friday, December 23, 2005

Back in NOLA 2

This afternoon, after braving the grocery crowds, my mom and I were pleased to find (not unlike an oasis) a wine tasting in the Langensteins's grocery store. We both said we would like the sad thimble of wine, but the woman looked at me and in the voice of a pre-school teacher, she asked me, "Are you old enough?"

I think everyone in this town - including the kids - could use a drink this holiday and she asks me if I am old enough?

I told her, "Well, I'm twenty-seven. I would say that's old enough."

She then looks at my mom and says, "Are you her mother? Is she really twenty-seven?"

Haven't we all suffered enough?

I then stood in line to buy groceries and watched a woman from Old Metairie buy $158 worth of lavish goods with food stamps. Yeah. She probably voted for George Bush, too. Republicans don't mind the government helping them... just keep those African-Americans out of the city... well, unless they can help around the house over the holidays.

I'm still bitter, but hey, we survived the great Christmas grocery shopping adventure. Marc is coming home on Sunday and I should see Mlle. Gifford tonight in our native NOLA. I drank some iced coffee today, enjoyed sweet, sunny weather in the 50s and took a stroll in City Park's sculpture garden which miraculously survived the storm. So I had a nice helping of sweet with the bitter.

Also, I have a favorite new before dinner cocktail. And it is safe for all nice girls who look 27, but are actually 17.

Pour a third of a glass of pomengrante juice, two-thirds seltzer water (or sparkling mineral water or club soda) and a big wedge of lemon. Drink immediately and repeat. Enjoy!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a lie. Langenstein's doesn't accept food stamps.

Tue May 16, 10:33:00 PM  

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