Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back in NOLA: 6

My time is almost up. I have done so much and so little. I wanted to go to Napoleon House for a Pimm's Cup, and may yet do that. I wanted to meet Slimbo, I wanted to see Peter, I wanted to see so many folks, and yet I did the best I could. I really needed to spend insane amounts of quality time with my family. We all needed it. I went back to my house three times. I may go one last time. Marc and my dad went this afternoon, but my heart was too heavy to go. Instead, I stayed in the Quarter and relaxed, reading. I thought I'd put on my ipod and I sadly realized it had a sick looking font - not unlike that of a ransom note - with a list of commands. Nothing worked. I failed to troubleshoot it on my own and didn't breakdown, but definitely left Rachel a sad voice mail and muttered to myself that "everything is own breaks" thinking of how few things I was able to salvage from my house. I did manage to salvage some cds which mom and Marc washed in warm water and cleaned for me while I archived my smelly, moldy journals, photos and letters. About 5 or 6 worked -- it's something.

I hope everyone is doing alright and has been having a peaceful holiday season. I will be incredibly sad to leave my very fractured, still bleeding city, but I will happily embrace my new home New York. It's been hard to reconcile this notion of home. The family I've chosen as opposed to the one I was born with. Life is messy and why must I be devoted to only one place. One home, one family. I am a New Orleanian at heart, yes, but I am not one of these people who can only live in New Orleans. My friends' families all reassure me that even if my parents leave New Orleans, I will have an open invitation to stay with them whenever I return.

More and more I realize that home is anyplace I can be with the people I love.


Blogger Lit/chick said...

Happy new year, sweet. I'm sure you're glad to have 2005 over, but in some ways, it was a great year for you. You got your job, and you have a life filled with love, rich conversation, good books, and yeah, some imported spices. Here's to 2006, brave girl. A year without the unexpected heartache, and all the usual good stuff plus even more.


Tue Jan 03, 08:24:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Awww, thanks, A. It was a good year in many ways, I have to admit... I hope this one is even better. All my medical school ladies seem to be moving to NYC. When are you????

Tue Jan 03, 11:17:00 PM  
Anonymous rachel said...

I got your other message, too - that it fixed itself - everything still okay?

Wed Jan 04, 02:07:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Yes, thank you, everything is still fine with the ipod. PRAISE HIM! And by HIM I mean the patron saint of ipods, whoever that may be.

Thu Jan 05, 12:42:00 PM  
Blogger Slimbolala said...

Next time.

Fri Jan 06, 01:44:00 PM  

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