Sunday, December 25, 2005

Back in NOLA: 4

Christmas morning.

We aren't eating our big Christmas dinner until this evening because we're waiting for my brother to arrive. Poor kiddo left New Haven on Metro North this morning at 8 am... and he arrives in NOLA via JFK airport on JetBlue at 5 pm.

But the cornbread is in the oven and we're getting ready.

I can't say how good it felt to walk around the Quarter and Faubourg Marigny with Sudha yesterday. Chatting with an old friend (who's more like a sister at this point in our lives --- especially post-K) and taking pictures. I love my digital camera. When I return to NYC, I'll set up a flickr account so everyone can enjoy 'em.

But it was exciting to consider all the possibilities for her residency program --- wherever she ends up. And I was excited to talk about the city and people we know, considering ideas to write up. I love the energy and urgency of my friends. At a time like this, it's great to move forward. We need it desperately. It's too easy to dwell and be complacent or just resigned to our situations. I want to devote my energy to my writing this year. I also want to explore new places in New York and cook new interesting foods. I want to knit more and have regular craft nights.

I guess this is me, mulling over what could be deemed New Year's Resolutions. But again, all I've been doing this year is looking back. I'm ready to look forward. Being at home has helped me see that. You just can't fixate on what has been lost or on new ways of devising a notion of "security." I would prefer to just throw myself into things and find security in the chaos of simply embracing life, and uncovering new pleasures and inspirations. I want to learn more about art and weave it into my life.

For now, I would like to go back to just hanging out with my family.


Blogger R J Keefe said...

What a constructive vacation you're having!

Mon Dec 26, 05:35:00 PM  

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