Wednesday, July 27, 2005

war trash duchess ex-girlfriend seeks ipod

Tonight, I'm going to see Ha Jin read at summerstage in Central Park which means I have to leave work ON TIME. No more of this, "I'll just get some more done" foolishness.

I'm reading Ha Jin's "War Trash" at the moment in between all the Holocaust history I've been devouring. You know my taste: POW stories, concentration camps, Vichy France. Nothing but good times. I would have read more this morning on the subway had it not taken me until 42nd street to begin to cool off. Seriously, I sat on the train, listened to Wilco's "Being There" and stared into space as the air conditioning and Gorilla iced coffee worked their magic.

I hope Ha Jin hates this heat and decides to keep his reading short because I have two cultural outings this evening. Later, I'm going to see my brother's band Duchess play at the Lit Lounge in the East Village.

In the meanwhile, my brother's ex (circa 1998-1999) emailed me to say she's moving from UVA to Brooklyn and can we hang out. Any girl who takes kooky pictures of herself in bathrooms across Europe, studied architecture and art history and loves rubber ducks is my kind of gal. Of course we're gonna hang out.

The ipod has not arrived yet. I am worried that I'm going to be all psyched when it arrives tomorrow and then I'll realize that I need 16 different doo-dads in order to link it to my dell inspiron laptop. Please let me know if I will need to visit SoHo's hellish apple store in the near future. I bought this laptop in September 2003 so I hope all the plugs and ports are up to date.


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