Monday, July 18, 2005

evidence: maybe i really am a grown up

I had an exciting celebrity run-in at the Met a couple weeks back. Given my celebrity interests, you could guess I saw Judith Butler, Jhumpa Lahiri, Britney Spears, Ben Gibbard, Janet Maslin and not be off the mark.

As it stands I ran into a certain NPR contributor and writer who is currently writing a column for the NYT along with her twin sister and nephew.

The one person I thought I should share this sighting is someone I haven't seen or spoken to in a few years. I didn't even have his email address anymore because he'd changed jobs and moved to a new city. I'm lucky he works at a daily paper so all it took was the aid of Google to find him.

This friend introduced me to blogging on a personal level (don't know if he ever returned to blogging... I also didn't offer details regarding crazy 8s.) and the band Death Cab for Cutie. I was first attracted to him because of his Saucony sneakers and "Punk Planet" magazines. I got stuck on him thanks to 8 hour coffee talks at CC's and he was the person with whom i stayed up past 5 am only to awake at 8 am to face 9/11 with a cup of coffee that couldn't possibly help me take in the fact of this national tragedy and the fact that i was never going to date him.

(needless to say, i took the inability to date a lot better than i would have otherwise... and hey, i was going away to Dartmouth in a matter of days)

but a number of things made our friendship ridiculously difficult to maintain. we didn't end things on bad terms, though. time just has a way of reprioritizing crushes (because they'll always end up being a crush even if they become a friend at some point. let's be honest) off the list.

but I wrote him about seeing Sarah Vowell, thinking of him, wondering how he was doing and how Boston is treating him and his girlfriend. He wrote back with the same voice as ever. Still running, still hates the cold, still hating change.

Happy birthday tomorrow, MG. It's good to be in touch. Here's to another marathon coffee chat someday. If only I could be on such good terms with all past crushes.


Blogger R J Keefe said...

Maybe it's time to tell MG about C8s.

Mon Jul 18, 03:08:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Not yet. I haven't grown up that much! Gotta wait until I see him again and drink at least 3 large iced coffees and possibly some stronger (or as sloppy delicious says) frisky beverages.

Mon Jul 18, 03:14:00 PM  
Blogger Lit/chick said...

wait--who was this? I remember a g from those nola days (g_t, not g_n), but not an mg.

Mon Jul 18, 04:38:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

g_t is the one. hah. that took me a minute. MG was another nickname for g_t, but only NXP and gifford use MG. If anyone else understands this exchange, bravo!!!

Mon Jul 18, 04:43:00 PM  

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