Monday, July 04, 2005

talk about making a point (or: this could only happen in New Orleans)

Read this.

Evidently, Allison "Tootie" Montana of the Mardi Gras Indians made a point of going to a special City Council meeting in NOLA to speak out against the police brutality against Mardi Gras Indians and after saying "I want this to stop," regarding the miscommunication between the Indians and the police, he dropped dead.

Being that it's New Orleans, the City Council President was later found crying and thinking that the death was all his fault.

But prior to that maudlin display, The Times-Picayune reported that,
"After minutes passed without an ambulance, the crowd quickly sensed the urgency of the situation. But instead of grief or panic, the chiefs and spy boys and flag boys and queens of the assembled tribes launched into a somber rendition of "Indian Red," a slow spiritual song that is a staple at Mardi Gras Indian funerals."

I love my crazy messed up hometown. God bless America and all the odd cultural encounters like this one. Happy Fourth, y'all. Eat some watermelon or iced coffee. Sing along with the radio or smile at the folks on the subway. Be happy. Maybe I'll write about Fourth of Julys past sometime today. If not, maybe later this week. Happy memories.


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