Thursday, June 30, 2005

new club

I don't know why but I hate belonging to video rental stores. I really don't understand the hesistation, but it's just one of those things. I guess my logic is: videos are one less thing I need to spend money on when I could be buying iced coffee or magazines.

But really, I need to break down and get it. Or start NetFlix or something. Going to the movies last night made me realize how starved I am for cinema. That sounded pretentious, but it was sort of meant to be.

I miss living in Hanover and watching a million movies.

M. Doodle is going out of town this weekend so suddenly I'm making plans like it's the end of the world. I'm seeing RFM on Friday along with my brother, Saturday I'm gonna see "Saving Face" with RiRi and that bf of hers. Sunday I'm supposed to see Diane and Monday I'm seeing RJ and K.

What am I looking forward to doing most though? I really can't wait to get up early tomorrow morning, do laundry, read and drink coffee at Gorilla on 5th ave. I want to go to the BoGa (my stupid nickname for the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens) make soup and read on Saturday and Sunday, I want to just read. Nothing else.

Why am I so anti-social? I don't know if it's really a desire to be alone so much as it's an overwhelming thirst to read. I am just craving time alone with words. It's amazing how desire can multiply like this.

And on top of that, I really want the contrast of cinema. It's like the hot fudge in my sundae. It gives the cool a deep kick. It's way too expensive to start seeing movies even weekly in NYC so I need to start venturing out into video again. Even though I get distracted so easily with video. I flip through magazines, start knitting, leave the room, etc. But maybe I will begin focusing again. Who knows.


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