Tuesday, June 14, 2005

opera in the park

considering that i put in almost 9 hours of work today and then made it to opera in the park, please don't expect literary brilliance after lots of pinot noir et pinot grigio. i did eat lots of cheese straws, strawberries, edemame, salami, cucumbers, carrots, donuts and corn chips (gross), but i am a bit heady from the wine, music, conversation and atmosphere.

there are few things that beat hanging out in the park with great people, listening to world class live music and enjoying some wine in the greatest city in the world. i love living in NYC. Philly's got nothing on this.

work was good. i am definitely exercising lax brain muscles.

it's also hotter than hell. i will voluntarily participate in a rain dance in order to bring on a break in the heat. make. it. happen.

in other news, there should be a girls day out on the LES this saturday. liz and jen, i'm there. cupcakes and more.

summer, for better or worse, you're here.


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