Monday, July 18, 2005

in the hopes of mellowing out

so I've been on a marriage tirade as of late. please forgive me. i guess "marriage tirades" are the "boyfriend tirades" of 2005. What can you do?

Reacting to most things that displease me, I tend to run a cycle of outrage followed by much writing, self-censoring, writing that surpasses what was written before the censoring and then a moment best categorized as "whatever."

This weather is truly unbearable. I am trying not to cave in and use the miserable weather as a license to drink iced coffee everyday. Thankfully, New York is not New Orleans and there is no PJ's coffee & tea shop on 7th avenue.

Work is a calming influence, mostly. I love getting things done. I love making lists and crossing things off. I love getting the opportnuity to meet interesting people.

Best of all, work offers air conditioning. I don't even mind three 40+ minute rides on the subway in one day if it means I can sit and read in air conditioning.

I got a teapot this weekend from RJ. I'm very excited to use it... for tea over ice. I am looking forward to blasting my fan this evening (post-book club), cleaning up my room and sitting with the Atlantic's fiction issue drinking tea while waiting for Nerb to return home and chat with me.

My life is mighty sweet. All you kids can get married, go on missions, save the world, etc. I'll just sit around and enjoy the rest of my twenties. I spent all of my teens and early to mid twenties slaving away to find a happy medium of life, love, family, home, stability, career and I found it. And if you're jealous, consider how i got to this point.

Also, I want to see Stacyann Chin perform. Anyone interested?


Anonymous kate said...

Sooner or later you don't have to use the miserable weather as your license to drink iced coffee every day. Your body's dependence on the caffeine is license enough.

Mon Jul 18, 02:34:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

fair enough. since october, i've been trying to make green tea my main source of caffeine. Some weeks this works better than others.

Mon Jul 18, 02:40:00 PM  
Blogger Slimbolala said...

Cave! Cave! Cave! Cave!

Sorry, that wasn't very helpful. I'm an unrepentant caffeine addict, and there's always safety in numbers.

Tue Jul 19, 12:46:00 PM  

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