Wednesday, July 20, 2005

knitting knitting

i'm making another sweater. i made some serious progress on it tonight. if only i had more time spent in the company of my awesome knitting group. I would crank out a sweater a month if I had one night a week with them. maybe i'll try to assign one night a week as knitting night starting this fall - with or without the women... preferably with the women.

but yes, i had my knitting group tonight with liz, abby and alexa. i would say it's our "stitch n bitch" but we aren't whiny ladies. mostly we just catch up, talk yarn, swap dating stories, discuss articles we've read lately, books and movies, too. abby is housesitting so we met in Carroll Gardens instead of the Upper West Side. This was very nice for me as it took all of 5 minutes to get home in a cab which cost about the same amount as a lunch special at Mango Thai. Not much. I am happy to pay $4 more than the cost of a subway ride in order to get home directly.

as soon as it gets cooler, i'm gonna host knitting and make jambalaya for all. right now the idea of standing over a stove in my apartment seems like masochism.

i'm not into kitchen s&m


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