Friday, July 22, 2005

i take comfort in what exactly?

In the spirit of curiosity I wondered what would happen if I showed up at the subway with a ton of stuff. Seeing as this is the first day the NYPD is free to search bags on the subway and that I'm spending the weekend in Morningside Heights (everyone's favorite weekend destination) I brought three bags (clothes, knitting project, requisite New Yorker mag, 700 page manuscript and another book in case I finish all of that before I get to work), plus iced coffee.

Result: despite much police presence earlier this week, there were no police in sight. HOWEVER, there were more crazy people than usual in the 7th avenue subway stop today which causes me to wonder, "Is our neighborhood 'homeless guy' actually NYPD undercover?" How exciting would that be? I like his new co-worker. The usual guy was upstairs just past the turnstyles greeting everyone as they made their way down to the platforms and the other guy was dancing on the Manhattan bound platform and howled when he could hear the Q train approaching.

I like this kind of counterterrorism.

As suspected, my white-pseudo latina, uber-girly status allows me to get off scot free even though I look like I'm heading off to 3 months of summer camp in North Carolina.


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