Sunday, September 24, 2006

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So in addition to getting our culture on by viewing the Vollard show and the exhibition of Post-Katrina photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rachel and I crossed paths with Peter Sarsgaard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Papa Gyllenhaal and a friend who we couldn't identify (because we were too busy staring at Peter and Jake). Where were Maggie and Mom? What's funny is that on this particular block on Madison, I've also seen Tim Curry. Rachel had seen Jon Voight (with two umbrellas in hand) before reaching the museum. The Gyllenhaal clan had been at the Neue Gallery (Jake had a black shopping bag from the museum slung over his shoulder and as they were walking from 86th, down Madison, that was obvious). Other celebs I've seen in and near the Metropolitan Museum include Woody Allen and Sarah Vowell. It's funny to see Peter Sarsgaard again. And Papa Gyllenhaal again as I saw them with Maggie in Park Slope a couple months back. I should have asked him if we were going to be neighbors soon. I'm free to babysit!

(This concludes my "light on high culture, heavy on gossip" entry for today --- oh and Gifford bleached her hair so now she really looks like Scarlett Johansson... OK, I'm done now.)


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