Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday outside the park

Pretty. I hope Laura wins Project Runway. I decided to stop pretending I don't enjoy dessert before dinner and look at the images online for the final four collections that were exhibited Friday morning in Bryant Park. Ah, fashion week. You have come and gone, yet it will take so long to see the Project Runway finale.

Another weekend and I'm busy working. Had a lovely dinner at Al di La with my boy and am settling down for some freelancing. It was a gorgeous day and I definitely want to make sure I have time for a walk in Prospect Park tomorrow afternoon. I also want to try on the teal Pendelton wool suit I found on 6th avenue on the way to the restaurant. A steal for $6, it had just been dry cleaned (saw the tags) and was being sold by a cute couple, one of whom clearly worked for VH1 (cool cds, lotsa fashion mags, a VH1 luggage tag, plus a random VH1 shirt). I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow.

Update: here is the suit. Someone cut off my feet in the cuter picture, but you can imagine for yourself my 3.5 inch brown heels. And, also, I'm aware that the suit oddly matches the doorframe. Life is just crazy that way when you live with other people's paint jobs.


Blogger R J Keefe said...

GREAT suit!

Sun Sep 17, 02:56:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. H said...

Woo woo!

Mon Sep 18, 06:03:00 AM  

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