Wednesday, August 16, 2006

subway fires, hot schools, hotter women

Thankfully, I decided to stay late at work and then leisurely walk down to 33rd street to run an errand this evening as opposed to catching the Q train and heading home to Brooklyn. Unfortunately, a dear friend did leave work promptly and headed back home to Brooklyn only to end up being evacuated off the train and onto the Manhattan Bridge due to a subway fire. She's safe and called me when she got off the train in case I was heading home to Brooklyn and was still at work. Talk about being a good friend! And a tough lady. I'm so glad she's alright; evacuating on the Manhattan Bridge has been one of my great nightmares. Here's more on the story from the NYT.

In other news today, Bryn Mawr -- my dear alma mater -- has been ranked by Washington Monthly to be the number one liberal arts college in the nation.

And in other news regarding ranking, galley cat is polling its readers in search of "hotties in publishing." While I do not know any of the men (quel surprise), I know two of the five women! And only three of the five are NYC based! Can you guess who my friends are? At any rate, one is still trying to find out who nominated her and the other is enjoying the benefit of a campaign on her behalf! May the hottest woman win! (See, I went to Bryn Mawr. None of this "babes in publishing" hoo hah for me.)


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