Saturday, July 22, 2006

maps and plans

Today feels amazingly refreshing. I slept a lot last night -- something much needed after an action packed week. I went to two parties on Friday: one was a pool party in NJ and the other a quiet affair on 5th ave. Today I was happy for the rain that made getting out of bed a bit inconsequential. I read two issues of "W" magazine at a cafe that's new to T and me and then polished off this week's "New Yorker" later on.

It's a good day for reading and a good day to map out the rest of the summer. I want to find a good day to go to Philadelphia to see the Wyeth exhibition at the PMA and T and I are going to settle on busfare for another trip to NH. This time to not only visit the fam, but to also go to the MacDowell Colony for Medal Day. Alice Munro is being honored and I would love to stroll around the beautiful colony. Getting away was a brilliant idea. We've needed it considering everything that's been going on lately. The green of trees all in a blur as we zoomed from NYC to Vermont en route to NH was so restorative. There's something so soothing about a wave of green. This has always been so for me. We saw eight hot air balloons as we passed through a town in Massachusetts. We arrived in Brattleboro with a calm that was not present when we boarded the bus in the bowels of Port Authority 6 hours earlier. We were able to bring that home with us, but I'd like another helping.


Anonymous katy said...

I thought the Wyeth exhibit was over? maybe they extended it and i didn't pay attention.... but if you come, you must come to the new place for dinner. i insist!

Mon Jul 24, 10:46:00 AM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Nooooo! It can't be over! I really wanted to go see it. Maybe I'll have to come up and we can drive to Brandywine.

Mon Jul 24, 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Damn, you're right. I screwed this one up. How 'bout that minor road trip to Brandywine?

Mon Jul 24, 12:36:00 PM  
Anonymous katy said...

how long is it up? then i can save you a weekend. :) because this is how you know you're an adult. your weekends fill up faster than you knew possible. no fair.

Wed Jul 26, 10:27:00 AM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

I'll have my assistant call your assistant.


Seriously, I'm going to look at my planner tomorrow and we're gonna set a date.

Wed Jul 26, 09:00:00 PM  

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