Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live Free or Die

Here are a lot of photos of the weekend in New Hampshire. The lovely older lady in white at the podium is Alice Munro. If you haven't read any of her stories in "The New Yorker" or in one of her many short story collections, you are certainly missing out. If you've been passing on her work because you assume it will be quiet, ladylike fiction from Canada, well, all you got right is the geography. She's sharp and incredibly on the mark when it comes to every walk of human relationships. Do pick up a book and start reading. I think my favorite is "The Progress of Love."

The Greek Revival style building is one of the main buildings at the MacDowell Colony. This is where Gran and I saw Alice Munro as she was honored at this year's Medal Day, a day which commemorates the work of the MacDowell Colony and the larger work of the arts in society.

Other photos include Tim, his cousins, and Gran. And lots of the scruptious New Hamphsire scenery. There are no photos of the wild and crazy sailing trip as I was afraid for the life of my digital camera. Also there are no photos of the crazy bus trip back from Brattleboro, VT as I would prefer to soon forget that event.

All in all, I'm finding it's crucial to get out of town during the summer. NYC can get to be a bit oppressive as can any urban center become at this time of year. It's good to get away from it all, spend time with family and friends, and concentrate on the color green now and again. Be it from a car or bus window, while staring out across a glassy sheet of water towards the pine trees on the shore, or as you sway on a rope swing, looking out to a meadow in one direction and towards the mountains in the other.


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