Monday, August 14, 2006

in short

close to 14 hours round trip on a bus.

sailing madness including a seal and almost topping over into the water.

meeting alice munro.

meeting a slew of other authors and cooing over who has lived in various MacDowell Colony studios (but I didn't find Ann Patchett or Lucy Grealy's signatures)

fun times with Tim's family.

lots of swimming.

I'm back in NYC after a nice long weekend. I needed a gin and tonic after the wacky bus ride back this afternoon, but RJ and I caught up on the balcony this evening.

I have a lot of emails to return and there are a lot of parties for work. I have a boatload of reading and I want to get back into my knitting. I need to finish some projects before moving on to my next ones.

Also, where is fall? I can't wait for the New Yorker Festival, scarfs, sweaters, changing leaves, brisk mornings, dinner parties.

More on the weekend later on.


Blogger R J Keefe said...

Fall has been abolished, and replaced by "La Rentrée Littéraire." A season of buzz and catalogue craziness. You will be so busy that you'll be lucky to see even one turned leaf.

Wed Aug 16, 09:51:00 AM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

I think I'm prepping for that now. Hopefully when everyone else sees that I'll be enjoying a bit of a lull.... A girl can hope.

Wed Aug 16, 02:07:00 PM  

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