Sunday, September 17, 2006

On shuffle

While hard at work writing tonight, these songs happened to emerge.

"Precious Things": Tori Amos

"Edith and the Kingpin": Joni Mitchell

"Rabbit Fur Coat": Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

"Sleep Better": Pete Yorn

"I Think That I Would Die": Hole

"Testament to Youth in Verse": The New Pornographers

"Little Sister": Rufus Wainwright

"A Question Mark": Elliott Smith

"Valley of Tears": Calvin Lee

"Fiery Yellow": Stereolab

"Belong": REM

"Fox Confessor Brings the Flood": Neko Case

"Pink Cashmere": Prince

"The Boy Done Wrong Again": Belle + Sebastian

"Hot Rock": Sleater-Kinney

"Ticket Man": The Kills

"So What'cha Want": The Beastie Boys

"Landslide Baby": Beulah

"Blacking out the Friction": Death Cab for Cutie


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