Monday, April 03, 2006

All I really want to write about these days is music. What will I do the day my ipod dies? It will not be a pretty occasion. I should develop a crisis strategy. This sounds ludicrous, but I think the recovery period from Katrina would have been infinitely worse without having all of my music at my immediate disposal at any moment of the day.

I was reading about Neko Case today and I noticed that one of her favorite things is Carly Simon's "The Way I Always Heard It Should Be." Close readers should be able to sort out that I have an incredible soft spot in my heart for Carly Simon and should I ever meet her in person, I will most likely turn into a rambling mess, cataloging all the various moments in my life where her music was a very important soundtrack. And this ranges from age 4 to 27. It's really amazing to find someone whose music is about equally important throughout the years.

But I digress. Case asserts that Simon proved to her that rich people could indeed make great music. That really caught me off guard. Yeah, I know all about Carly Simon's background, etc, but that someone would come out and say that is kinda intense. And I love that she says it about Carly Simon and not the Rolling Stones who were really privileged kids. Mick Jagger has a degree from LSE for God's sake.

Great music comes in surprising packages. I love the unexpectedness of discovering great new music.

Books and reading are constants. I am surounded by books every blessed day, even though these days I'm more likely to be reading the New Yorker, The New York Review of Books and the New York Times (yikes. have I become *that* New Yorker?). But music and the new life on the trees is akin to religion. It doesn't take much to make me happy, honestly. Indian food, friends, my ipod, reading material, iced coffee and good weather. I don't know if I'm made of stronger mental health than others or than I have an infinite capacity for finding joy in the world. I don't know if I can make that assessment, but I'll take this living for what it is.


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