Wednesday, March 22, 2006

making groceries

whew! i tried to go to trader joe's today and i did succeed in that i got into the store and managed to walk around...

but if you ever wanted a casual idea of what it must have been like in the markets of soviet russia, come see these folks freak out over trail mix. i couldn't deal with the long lines, cramped aisles, and people without a sound sense of spatial relations. i'll have to show up before work just as the store opens in order to shop. i can only imagine what the wine shop will be like when it opens.

instead of a tasty TJ meal, i decided to just go to the associated grocery on 5th ave at union in park slope. i got an eggplant, stewed tomatoes, and chicken broth for eggplant soup as I already had onion and garlic and fresh basil at home. i also got sugar snap peas, yogurt, bananas and pomegranite juice. Stocking up. I'll be home tomorrow night as well so I now already have dinner pre-made. as usual no one was home before 10:30 pm so i cooked up a storm and even watched a little "gilmore girls" over dinner.

the dishes and pots are clean and put away, the counter is clean, the trash is away and leftovers have been stored.

doing domestic tasks well still feels like an accomplishment. so does one's ability to make NYC feel like a small town, despite the kind of crazed response generated by one little grocery store at 3rd avenue and 14th street.


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