Saturday, February 25, 2006

live at Town Hall (with Graham and me clapping somewhere in the background)

My friend Graham and I love the same music. Wilco, Rufus Wainwright, Belle and Sebastian, New Pornographers: you name it, chances are we both enjoy it. This summer, he invited me to go to an Eels concert with him. I only knew their "Novocaine for the Soul" song, but I had heard inklings of more from them, and as I am well aware of Graham's impeccable taste, I said "Of course!" It was also my first trip to Town Hall.

Well, it came as a big surprise to me to find an album of the concert. Seeing it, I remembered they were filming a dvd that evening so it stands to reason that there would be a live cd. It's so much fun to listen to a concert that you attended, especially when it was the first time you heard this particular band and were completely mesmerized by the experience. Listening to the album brings it all back to me. The darkly glam lady string section, the saws, the cigar smoking, the glasses and beard, the tres indie rock crowd. It was a great night, but then again, I have a great time sitting around anywhere with Graham. You know you have a good friend in hand when he can make you cry laughing and hold you captivated with a story. Someone with whom you can share tears of joy and sadness with an equal sense of comfort and safety. We're going to see another concert this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I failed to mention that earlier in the evening (before finding the concert cd), I ran into Graham on the subway platform! I love serendipitous moments that remind you that NYC is one big village.


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