Tuesday, February 14, 2006


tromping through the snow in massive snow boots

free giant coffee at work

lunch with your boyfriend

a dozen perfect pink roses in a mason jar on your desk

dinner with your boyfriend at a time when you'd usually still be at work

new "gilmore girls" episode

reading a crappy, yet entertaining novel while getting your feet massaged

-oh- and the evil vice president shot a man which induced a heart attack


one amazing valentine's day


Blogger Slimbolala said...

Mmm, free giant coffee. And the rest sounds pretty good too.

Wed Feb 15, 04:09:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. NOLA said...

Yes, after having a little "time-out" from our relationship, coffee and i are as strong as we've ever been --- which is saying a lot. Me+Coffee 4ever.

Thu Feb 16, 12:42:00 PM  

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