Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chloe wins: "She knows how to dress a woman"

YAY for Chloe! I am so happy that Chloe defeated the fluffed up men and won Project Runway! I thought a Santino win would vindicate his poor behavior throughout the season and a Daniel win was a gesture of affection for a puppy who likes to please Michael Kors (please, I still think it was LAME that he chose to be inspired by the orchid in Michael Kors' office... could you try? try to pick something that a stylist has not already chosen?). Also, how not shocking that Michael Kors all but offered Daniel V a job. I think Chloe's clothes were well fitted, looked sexy and flattering and best of all, her models could walk in the clothes. Daniel V's Rebecca tripped on the feature dress. Embarassing. Santino never fitted the clothes on actual women before they hit the runway! This is a man who has serious issues with women. Daniel V is still in the state where he wants to please and receive serious affirmation for what he does. The way he pouted about Tim's critique was so infantile. Chloe may have waivered in terms of presenting the fashion god's notion of how to present a show, but she stuck to her guns and focused on satisfying her client. In this case, it was to make her models look good and feel good. Her models walked with ease. It was a clean finish. Sometimes, Project Runway is like figure skating: the technical takes it in the end. All final three designers have creativity and passion, but Chloe brought intuition and polish. About damn time a female designer gets respect in the fashion world. It's not surprising after Tara Subkoff's comment at this year's New Yorker festival (...something to the effect that Anna Wintour trumpets and spotlights gay male designers and ignores female designers) that 'Elle' (I mean, even the title is feminine!) would run with this and reward a woman. Nina Garcia, I think you are also a winner at Project Runway. I would like to see a m-----f---ing runoff (if you catch the reference, you're good) between Nina and Anna. Carry on!


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