Thursday, March 09, 2006


bad things: the MTA, airfare costs, commuting, bad customer service, conspiracy theorists, entitlement, the way men have to spread their legs out while sitting on the subway, idiots, morons, stupid people, the general cost of living in NYC, the utter lack of a front or a back porch in my life, the weather

good things: my friend leah who found the most wonderful knitting book for me, my friend nicole who always tells me i look cute when i feel crappy and also tells me i get upset about things because other people aren't as kind-hearted as i am, being home, living in park slope (even if i don't have a balcony or a porch), pajamas, long baths, coming home to see nerb

Today was a truly frustrating day. I could have stayed home and slammed my hand in a door every five minutes and that would have been about on par with how my day went. Don't even really want to get into it, but I just hope it improves by tomorrow. Going to take a shower, read and get to bed early. Or at least before 1 am.


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