Sunday, April 22, 2007

moved (but not forgotten)

We moved T.
No small feat.
Yesterday and Friday were the actual move days. Today we went back and cleaned the old apartment and fetched what was left. We started at three. We still need to go back and make another run. A car would have been nice today. Also nice: had I not smashed my head into a fire extinguisher case. Yeah. Nice big knot on my head.

So now we've emptied the granny cart + bags that we carried on our shoulders and backs. Back for part two: the framed photographs and a big box of cords. Oh, yes, that will be as not so easy as it sounds.

The good thing is that the new place is better than we believed it to be. It was all worth it in the end. And trust me, that's saying a HELL of a lot.

Thanks to all that helped us out. Especially JA. We'll be there for every second of your move. No doubt.


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