Sunday, March 18, 2007

nothing else will do/i've gotta have you

Next weekend, I'll be in New Hampshire. T bought the Amtrak tickets tonight. I can't even say how excited I am for a weekend away from NYC, a long weekend's escape with my sweetheart, and also a train ride to Vermont! (We take the train to VT where T's gran meets us) I wish there would be time for a road trip to Dartmouth, but maybe another time. Definitely this summer. As it is, I think T and I are overdue for some time together outside New York. We've both been so busy lately that it's time to make time and take a vacation for no concrete reason. Our inter-borough romance does not count as vacation-centric.

This weekend has been a lot of fun despite not being a vacation per se. Snow stomping around the neighborhood for groceries with T on Friday evening, silly songs with T and Sprout on Friday night over dinner, "The Family Stone," further silly singing over breakfast with T and Sprout, coffee time at Gorilla & a little retail therapy to recoop some losses with La Giff, a phone call from Rachel in SF, chicken chili & the fifth act of "When the Levees Broke," and tomorrow some sledding, freelance writing, taxes, and a dinner party involving Tofurkey & Dutch Apple pie. Oh and some reading, too. I started a new book that is reminding me of Steinbeck's "East of Eden" which I read about 14 years ago. Amazing how some literary memories lock in despite the years.Did I mention I'm excited about going to California?

So all in all, a restorative weekend. Nothing like knowing you'll be heading out of town shortly!

Also, we at Crazy Eights are looking for a new roommate to move in mid-April. We are looking for someone who enjoys dinner parties (planned and impromptu), keeping the apartment clean (a must), has charming friends that they would love for us to meet (we love friends and visitors in the apartment), doesn't smoke, is petless, doesn't mind Aerie Tuesdays, loves to cook and will contribute to late night conversations over tea or wine. If this sounds like your kind of living environment, contact me.


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