Saturday, April 14, 2007

perpetually redefining the word busy

Work, cleaning the apartment, painting the apartment, laundry at the inconvenient laundrymat, a move in the works for T, mucho reading, mucho writing, figuring out how to swing a trip to NC, debating a trip there for my birthday, commuting, and did I mention work?

I've been busy lately. I also went to see the play "Blackbird" this week and went to a lecture on Edith Wharton and the project of biography. In the audiences, I saw Famke Janssen at the first event and Philip Roth at the latter. I should write about "Blackbird," but I'm still working through it. Lately, I've found myself absorbing a lot of fictional material (drama, literature) about abuse, female sexuality. One was a book by someone I met recently. Now I'm reading a Katrina memoir. Good times! Next week should be equally busy given that Rachel will be in town (yay!) and I have a lot of work related social events in addition to more cleaning, painting, packing and moving.

But this morning. I'm going to have some coffee and read. I guess that still falls under work. The one thing about all this general busy-ness is that, while I am exhausted, I am happy and doing what I love for myself, but also and perhaps more importantly with and for the people I love.

Time to make that coffee.


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