Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm back in Park Slope after a restorative long weekend in New Hampshire with TPW. Now I'm listening to the Postal Service/New Pornographers/Lush/Joan Osborne after having some chicken chili that we defrosted (yay for the fully stocked freezer). Sprout decked out the kitchen in lovely IKEA-ness and Nerb was cooking a tasty meal from the Cook's Illustrated Cook & Bake cookbook. We've all become more adventuresome cooks now that all the cookbooks live within easy access in the living room.

TPW got me a new teddy bear in NH. For those of you who know the story, yes, start crying now. For the rest of you, I'll fill you in later. But I got lots of amazing yarn in addition to my new bear. Uncle Bill gave me a huge book of the letters of EB White which really touched me. Does anyone have his essay on marrying a Bryn Mawr woman? I told TPW about it and realized that he better read it sometime soon. We're approaching our fourth anniversary if you can believe it. Didn't I just finish at Dartmouth? Didn't I just finish Bryn Mawr? Didn't I just escape Catholic school in a white dress, kid gloves, long hair and a flower crown?

I'm going to make myself a new cardigan with some cranberry heather wool. I also got more alpaca for arm warmers and some assorted other treats from the sale bin. I may make a sweater vest as I've become disturbingly attached to my white button down shirts and a new spiffy cap.

But I wanted to jump up and down seeing Sprout and Nerb at home. I dragged TPW back with me to Brooklyn. Oh, Brooklyn. My happy little home. It was exquisite being away, but it's lovely being back home. I think I need to get out of town more often. It makes me all the more grateful to live this ridiculous life. I got another wedding invite today. Geez. I just want to drive around looking at farms and snow on the backroads of New Hampshire with TPW. Give me a little more of that, a pinch of homecooking with my Sterling Place family, less time on MTA, more time with my sweetheart.


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