Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why I think I've officially outgrown the standard industry party (or why I never enjoyed it in the first place)

I met someone very exciting tonight at a party where I was surrounded by photography that I had previously seen at MoMA or the Guggenheim. The host took my photo which was mildly disarming, but seeing as I had a glass of white with ice cubes in my hand, how serious could it be. I smiled and enjoyed it.

I've decided that I am not a fan of the industry party stuffed with 20/30 something assistants at a bar where I can barely hear myself think and end up being miserable because I (a) don't smoke and (b) have a low tolerance for that certain air of desperation/cutthroat desire to move ahead and (c) I don't like being forced to spend $$$ on drinks in order to just fit the part of the aspiring assistant and (d) don't believe that getting sloppy drunk with people means they'll help you get an interview somewhere.

I would rather be able to talk about the things I do and the things I enjoy with someone. Parties like the one I went to tonight are perfect. A nice blend of babies, terriers, husbands with cameras, rather important people, very important people, incredibly interesting people then me and GH. Also, mini croque monsieurs, excellent wine in lovely stemware, pate on crackers with currants? Hell yes this beats $8 gin and tonics, a surly barmaid, and a slimey Lower East Side floor. I actually got to (without getting accidentally burned by a cigarette or have a vodka tonic dumped on my skirt) talk about what I do, learn more about other jobs in my field, meet kind people, talk about the things I care about, and not have to scream to be heard. Literally and figuratively. Amazing how a glass of wine in the right setting and with the right people is just enough.


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