Friday, June 09, 2006

J'adore Paris

Kids, it couldn't be nicer if I asked. The weather is sublime. Sublime as in sunny and warm and perpetually breezy so it never gets hot. It's always comfortable. Someone must have known that I was coming and the Parisian gods spoke amongst themselves and said, "Give the New Orleanian a break."

I'm thankful so whoever put in that call, I owe you one.

Already, I've done a marathon museum binge. Yesterday I went to Musee d'Orsay twice, and also to Musee Picasso, Centre Pompidou, and Cluny. Today I went to Musee Rodin (where the roses alone are worth the visit), the newly opened L'orangerie, and the Louvre. I also walked from the Louvre to l'arc de triomphe and marched to the top to get a grand view of the city.

I've also spent some quality time in Jardin du Luxembourg, reading the New Yorker (how novel to have time to read long pieces in one sitting!). And I have done some shoe shopping. I haven't caved yet, but I know I will. Black sandals, I need you.

So I have some shopping for friends which must be done. Also, I have filled my memory card in my digital camera so I have to go through all the old photos and purge the ones that I lazily downloaded and did not delete. Blizzard of 2006, see you later! Moldy house, I remember you all too well. I think it best to fill my camera with shots of sunny Paris.

Naomi's apartment is very sweet and I am incredibly grateful to not be in a hostel. Also, being able to cook is equally lovely. Nothing is more like home to me than the smell of garlic sauteeing in olive oil. Dinner is being made and, friends, I need to finish this glass of wine and attend to the repas.


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