Wednesday, August 03, 2005

silly things

I realized tonight that it takes the same about of time to go from RiRi's apartment to T's apartment as it does for me to go from RiRi's apartment to my apartment in Brooklyn. She is the midway point between Morningside Heights and Park Slope. I mean, we knew this was in many ways an emotional reality, but literally as well? The same could pretty much be said for RJ and K's apartment on the UES.


I am at T's apartment in the sweet chill of air conditioning. Ah, do I have to go to work tomorrow? Can't I stay up near Columbia, sleep in, get iced coffee at Oren's and do research at Labyrinth Books and Global Ink? I wish...

I'm making new friends at work. This is not shocking because I love meeting new people, but also, there's a 100% chance that everyone I meet at work is as huge a dorky reading addict as I am so how can I go wrong?

Oh and there's a really cute girl on the cover of "The Knot" magazine... it almost makes me think... that I should set her up with D.

(you thought I was going to say, "get married.")



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