Monday, February 12, 2007

It takes a Mawrtyr

Evidently, it takes a Mawrtyr to run Harvard. Welcome to the 20th century, kids! (M. Carey Thomas became Bryn Mawr's first female president in 1894, just 9 years after the college was founded) Drew Faust (class of '68) is currently the Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. The NYT tries to insinuate that she would have attended Princeton had they accepted women. Read her 2001 Bryn Mawr commencement speech and see if she's crying because she never got to be a Tiger.

I'll accept that they made the statement in order to so subtly wink at the fact that she may have been denied access to the Ivy League and yet ended up Harvard's first female president. She's also the first Harvard president since 1672 (that's right) who does not have a Harvard degree (undergrad or graduate). I have a feeling that if she wanted to, my friend KT could be the next female president of Harvard. The second from Bryn Mawr... and she's getting that doctorate in archaeology any day now from that school in Cambridge. Ya heard of it?


Anonymous kate said...

The decision does make me a little more optimistic about this place... now that I am almost ready to graduate! It will be nice to see a woman running the Boys' Club for a change. I haven't yet read her Bryn Mawr commencement speech, but I did read the one (linked in the Gazette article) to the Harvard class of 2005 re. the history of men and women at Harvard. This institution of mine has quite an appalling history, although I was happy to see that DGF's speech emphasized that our problems are not all in the past....

Here's to a better future?

Mon Feb 12, 03:41:00 PM  

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