Monday, February 19, 2007

cross your fingers

My phone took a swan dive into a cup of water last night. I have a spare phone which is currently charging. Please keep your fingers crossed that my SIM card has survived the deluge and that this spare phone is indeed compatible with my AT&T wireless plan in which I have been happily grandfathered for about three and a half years.

Meanwhile, I'm in Brooklyn, enjoying the coziness of my home. One roommate is writing in his room, another is painting the kitchen cabinets green. I have candles lit and am listening to Cat Power: "The Greatest." I did one load of laundry on Saturday afternoon and brought it all home to dry instead of using a drier. Now everything is dry and I'm putting it all away. Everything looks so nice and crisp.

Hopefully, my phone will be up and running sometime this week. I don't want to bet too much on an easy solution (when was the last time that happened?) so if you're someone who believes him/herself to be in my phone, shoot me an email with your phone number and forgive me if you are waiting for me to return your call. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!


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