Sunday, October 23, 2005

Will it come to this?

The following is the closing of an article in the Times-Picayune on a forum held in Lakeview regarding the damage caused by the broken levees. I think from now on, I am going to talk about the disaster in relationship to the flawed levee system. It wasn't Katrina that destroyed my parents' house, it was the breaks at the 17th street canal and the London Canal. Let everyone sue the hell out of the government. Where the hell were they? Frankly, anything that stirs up this country is worth engagement. And the only thing the Bush administration responds to is money. So pay up, suckers.

Read on:

Insurance was a dominant topic, among speakers and shouters alike.

State Rep. Peppi Bruneau, a Republican whose Lakeview home flooded, provoked the loudest applause of the meeting when he exhorted listeners to call state Attorney General Charles Foti and urge him to file a class-action suit against insurance companies if they refuse to let homeowner's insurance cover what, he said, wasn't a conventional flood.

Arguing that the high water in Lakeview resulted not from rain, but from a levee flaw, Bruneau said it falls outside the normal definition of a flood and that, as a result, the damage it caused should be covered by homeowner's insurance, especially for people lacking flood coverage.

"Here, you had no water coming over the levee," he said. "You had water coming through the levee."


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