Sunday, October 23, 2005

flooding didn't discriminate

This article from the Times-Picayune discusses the neighborhoods where death was concentrated after Katrina. Chances are as many people died in Mid-City, Gentilly, and on the lakefront as they did in the Lower Ninth Ward. 70122, my zip code, saw between 35 and 71 deaths. I am lucky that my neighbors survived the disaster, even if some had to escape via helicopter.

I hate to even pick my brains to think of all the faces I saw in the grocery, at the coffee shops, libraries, and church - people I saw everyday and never knew by anything other than their faces and greetings - that have died horrible deaths that could have been prevented.

Add these casualties to the toll the Bush administration has created in the Middle East. There's a special place in Hell for you, GWB.

Update: The Times-Picayune has published a map that shows where the deaths occured.


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