Tuesday, August 23, 2005

life collapses around iced coffee

I really love summer, but it makes me homesick for summers past. I miss the carefree abandon of doing absolutely nothing. I'd be so happy to hop on a bike and zip around Hanover, New Hampshire. I miss iced coffee dates that bled on til lunch. I miss writing papers with the windows open and lying on the grass talking about speakers and ideas.

I miss picking up my friend Gifford for early morning coffee dates and fighting over who pays the tab. I miss reading horoscopes and bad feature stories in the Magazine Street PJ's courtyard.

I miss walking blocks (miles, probably) to get iced coffee and brouse my favorite Old City shops in Philadelphia. Used cds, used books, used clothes and shoes. I miss the brick sidewalks leading me to matinees at the Ritz theaters. I miss South Philly and all its lack of gentrification.

Last summer, I spent most my time in the Columbia University computer lab, looking for jobs and apartments. I wrote countless cover letters and resumes. I lived on mediabistro.com and craigslist.org. I watched documentaries and "Dawson's Creek" reruns with Tim.

I miss slacking off. I feel like I'm back in school, only overdoing it with too many social engagements. But the books keep piling up and I revel in it, but it isn't the same. I could use a vacation in Maine to sleep in the sunshine and paw through different farmer's markets to uncover delicious treats.

Next summer. I'm going to be sure that happens. This summer, it's me and the concrete jungle, doing everything I can to keep going, looking forward and hoping all of this is headed where it should be.


Blogger R J Keefe said...

A mon avis, tu te d├ębrouilles fort bien.

Tue Aug 23, 07:41:00 PM  

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